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  “Getting to Know You?

  Examples:Why did you choose this career?

  What are you looking to achieve in your career 5 years down the road?

  Why did you choose our firm?

  Tell me something about yourself. What other career would you consider if you are unsuccessful in getting a job in this industry?

  Tell me some of the values that define you. What are some of your failures or disappointments, tell me how you cope with them?

  Are you a good team player? Give me some examples to support it. Tell me some of the biggest challenges you have encountered. What would you like to change in your life if you can do all over again?

  Specific and Technical Questions

  Examples:Why do you think that you are suitable for a career in corporate finance (e.g. fixed income sales, equities, sales, etc)?

  Can you tell me something about the job?

  Can you recall one recent case of mergers & acquisitions and discuss the merits, valuation and financing?

  Can you tell me about a stock that you like and why?

  What are some of the largest transactions in the corporate mergers and quisitions arena?

  Why do you think that the stock markets in the U.S. and Europe are doing so poorly?

  Can you recall what was the all time high and 52-week high low for the S&P 500 and the DAX of Germany?

  Can you summarize what went wrong with WorldCom?

  What are some of the key legislations related to the financial industry being debated in the congress?

  Do you have a sense of how big the U.S. treasury market is?

  What impact does the U.S. Federal Reserve decisions have on the equity rkets?

  What is the shape of the current yield curve?

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